Basics of Garage Organization

Homeowners often forget or avoid organizing the garage. Most people use it as a place to throw anything extra that won’t fit in the home or as a cluttered storage unit with no room to walk around in. With all these extra items resting on the floor, the garage turns into a place of clutter and chaos.

For a space that is meant to hold some of our most expensive items, like the car, it’s often neglected. It’s the last place we see when we leave for the day and the first when we get home. Why not make this daily routine a little more peaceful and enjoyable?

There’s no fun in entering the garage and tripping over a rake or having to move a bunch of boxes out of the way to get to your official Utah Jazz basketball.

When you invest in a new storage system and create an organizational plan that works for you, your garage can transform from a place you avoid to a beautiful and useful space.

Here’s a list of steps to help you get started.

Clear The Clutter

This step will probably take the longest. Depending on your work schedule, you’ll want to take a weekend to get it done. Enlist the help of family members and friends. Start Saturday morning and remove everything in the garage onto your driveway. This will allow you to easily see everything you’ve been storing in your garage. Next, create three piles.

  • Keep – Everything you still use, memorabilia, decorations, tools
  • Donate/Sell – Items no longer used but still in good condition, old toys, sports equipment kids have grown out of, doubles of any items
  • Trash – Anything broken or stained, electronics that won’t turn on, worn out shoes and clothes

As you’re going through each item think about if the item would be better placed somewhere else. Maybe it belongs in the backyard or should be in the kitchen. If you can’t find a proper place for it anywhere, then it may be time to get rid of it.

Create Zones

After you’ve figured out everything you’re going to keep it’s time to separate everything left into piles with like items. The process will help you create zones in your garage. This way when you and anyone else in your family go looking for a certain item you’ll know exactly which zone it’s in and where it should be returned to after. Here’s some ideas for zones:

  • Garden & Hobby Equipment
  • Recreational & Sports Equipment
  • Long-term Storage
  • Workstation

These zones will ensure your garage stays organized and you won’t have to go through another lengthy organization haul like the one you’re currently on.

Deep Clean

Before you put everything away it’s a good idea to deep clean the garage. Most of the items probably haven’t been moved in a few months or even years. With everything cleared out, it makes it a perfect time to sweep out any dust, wipe the walls, use bug spray around the garage and paint anywhere that has been chipped.

The ceiling is often forgotten when cleaning. Don’t forget to give it a quick sweep to get rid of any cobwebs. Also check for any open holes in the walls that could be letting in rodents or unnecessary heat or cold.

The Storage System

The final step to help you organize your garage is the investing in storage products. The best storage for your garage will be products that get your items off the ground! These couple of products will do just that.

Shelving is one of the most common storage items simply because they hold a lot of stuff and  usually cost less than other products. Our shelving in particular holds 1,000 lbs. per four feet and has brackets underneath that hold commonly used items in a layered system.

Overhead Racks are great for long-term storage and items that are awkward to store elsewhere. They take advantage of the unused space above your head and have a high weight capacity. The Monkey Bars Overhead racks are built with industrial-grade steel and hold up to 750 lbs. or 1000 lbs. when also mounted to the wall.

Cabinets add a beautiful look to any garage and are great for concealing items. They come in many different colors and some even have lockable features. Our cabinets are made from a melamine material that won’t warp or bow overtime. They also have legs or can be mounted off the floor so it’s always easy to clean underneath.

Slatwall and Pegboards are great for holding tools at your workstation, yard tools and sports equipment. The Monkey Bars slatwall offers a variety of hooks and accessories so they can hold almost any item you have.

Following these basic steps will transform your garage into a space the whole neighborhood will be envious of and you’ll enjoy using. Garage organization is just one easy way to make your life a little easier.

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