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5 Steps to Total Garage Organization

Are you tired of your garage always being cluttered and uninviting? Do you want to work on projects or even just park your car in your garage, but can’t seem to find the space? Using a garage organization system will give you the solution you have been searching for. Your system will help you get everything off the floor so you can take back control. Here are 5 steps to using a garage organization system well.

Declutter Your Garage

Garages often become the area where unused items, broken items, or items used twice a year go to wait. Take everything out of your garage and onto your driveway to get a good look at what you have. Do you really need 3 shovels or 5 winter coats? Be sure to have 3 piles set up as you go through your belongings: keep, donate, and trash. Every item needs to go immediately into one of these piles to ensure you don’t keep more than you should.

Identify Your Needs

After decluttering you should know exactly what you have left to store inside your garage. Categorize your belongings so you can know what you have to store. If you have mostly camping equipment, you may want to consider overhead storage or some shelving. If you have a lot of tools and small loose items, cabinets will be a better route to go. You should also consider having a combination of all options to maximize your garage space. Be sure to look at different sample garage renderings to get an idea of what your garage could look like.

Call Your Installer

After you’ve decided which products will work best with your lifestyle, call your installer to not only get their opinion but to draw up your own 3D garage rendering! Your design is completely customizable, and will enable you to see what the garage remake will look like before the job is even done. You will be able to select different colors and finishes to bring your garage together.

Organize Effectively

Now that you have your garage organization system installed, make sure you organize your belongings properly. Put labels on the ends of your matching totes so you can easily find seasonal decor and other items without having to go through each box. Organize the shelving in your cabinets and consider labeling them as well to make sure everything goes back to its proper place.

Keep It Up

It can be easy to fall back into old habits so make sure you are making an effort to upkeep your organization. Have everyone in your family understand where everything goes in your garage so they can help as well. Take 15 minutes every week to straighten up anything that may have gotten misplaced.

Organizing your garage gives you the freedom to take back control. Being able to park your car in your garage has many benefits for your family. Your organization system will also increase the value of your home should you choose to sell in the future.

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